Friday, March 5, 2010

How to Reply to A Statement like, "The concept of a central deity that rules all that exists is outdated, unscientific, and completely backwards. Religion is a crutch for weak minded people who can't think for themselves."

I was browsing just a while ago on Yahoo and I stumbled upon the Article: It's official: An asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs (by Reuters)

As what web surfers usually do, I found a bunch of replies/posts by people from all over reacting to what the article had to say and what it meant for them. As I read one particular post, something ignited in me to reply. All I can say is, there are definitely some people who make bold statements (or opinions) about their beliefs regarding the concept of Divinity and the existence of God, and think that their thoughts are far better than those of the other "inferior people" out there. So below is what I had to say about it all.

Just because man has obtained a degree or level of intellect does not put him in a position to deny or affirm the existence of a deity. In order to see different perspectives that different people have been "inspired" to come up with, a person (who is a part of the homo sapien species) must learn to be humble of his stature vis-a-vis the vastness and the infinite breadth of the continuum (time and space). A person's existence is insignificant, fleeting and temporary to what the Universe IS. One must get over his ego (as if he is better than all the other people and their thoughts and opinions) and stop from being too self-absorbed of what he thinks is "the most correct theory or answer." In my opinion this very mind-set or orientation of some people - to think that they are better than others - is the root of division, wars, RACISM, narcissism, malice, hatred, among other distasteful behaviors of people against their fellow man. IN MY OPINION, man, as a creature, evolved with 5 senses (that's what's taught in kindergarten) and these are the bases of our EMPIRICAL database of knowledge. People experience through these 5 senses. Some say that they have a 6th sense, but of course some would dismiss this claim as ridiculous. Let us also take note that there are some creatures, under the invertebrates grouping of the animal kingdom and at the lower chordata phylum (hemichordata, cephalochordata, urochordata) that do not possess the developed senses that higher craniates exhibit or manifest. Some just have underdeveloped ocelli (light receptors), among other underdeveloped sense organs, which basically means that they thrive and exist based on THE REALITY they are experiencing with their limited senses and intellect (relatively to what man asserts as the truth or reality he has comprehended/explored for himself). This, too, is what is experienced by varying creatures of the Earth. Man might not be an exception, although we stand out, because, we are self-reflecting, self-conscious and are capable of a higher level of intellect. In my belief, however, some people are so convinced that man is the ultimate creature or level of sentient manifestation that if any animal could advance to a higher degree of existence, man would be the ultimate entity representing sentience in a rather randomly converging order in and of the Universe. If I can recall my college philosophy, I think it was Ludwig von Feuerbach (or Hegel) who stated that God is given image or identity by man based on the "ultimate or best qualities that man can be or is", because that's the best way to be able to concretely manifest a deity in our understanding/experience/thoughts (at least at the level of understanding of man and the level of intellect that he can comprehend or give meaning or significance to) just like if a bird had a higher degree of intellect, a bird would imagine its god to be the "ultimate bird", a great creature with superior wings among all the birds, among other physical, subjective or abstract qualities (that man, too, usually finds himself unavoidably giving meaning and attributing to a superior form of being, that he conceptualizes in his mind). By no means do I wish to delve deeper on the intricacies of religion and philosophy, there are a great many philosophers who have presented far more extensive and plausible arguments, premises and conclusions to what I have or have come to understand in this life. All I wish to point out is that we should be humble and be humbled by the stature that we have found ourselves in, in front of the infinite Universe. None of us would definitely hold the key or the answer to something so advanced in concept and eventually be found wanting in intellect. Just to throw in a monkey wrench on the gears, isn't it that there is a theory (I am not a physicist) that there exists multiple realities and dimensions? Of course until proven concretely and empirically (through experimental evidence verified by our 5 senses, sight, sound, taste, smell and feeling), that these theories remain so and not laws of physics. Just my two cents though.

I wish to give credit, whether through inspiration or via concept, to one of my graduate school professors, Mr. Jun Benedicto. He is a believer and an aficionado of the concepts and theories related to the metaphysical. He is by no means a day dreamer, and is in fact a very pragmatic and astute guy in the conducts of business, economics, finance and the realities of the economy and society. *thumbs up*