Sunday, June 20, 2010

On Plagiarism

Being an avid reader of online articles around the net, I find it disappointing for some people to assert that some ideas they have were originally conceived by them, when in fact it belonged to someone else.

Of course the timing of 'discovery' plays a crucial part. It's a question of who concluded or thought of the idea first. Moreover, I can't argue that complex ideas are indeed built upon the basic premises and conclusions made by other people who have come before us. I'm really curious if anybody knows the identity of the dude who concluded that 1+1=2 or if we are aware of the identity of the original "concluders" of other blatantly obvious and observable facts that we now consider as irrefutable truths or givens that people use when they start formulating new equations. Synthesis and creation, after all, is a unique human ability and talent.

So what really is my point? Why am I writing this? I'm probably so self-absorbed with the "brilliance" of my self-generated thoughts, right? How egotistical can I be? Actually, I would like to believe or I'm hoping to believe that I've not been blinded by any narcissistic tendencies that us human beings so often find ourselves falling into.

There is a certain order to things and I believe that there are only two constant forces at work in the known Universe and these are Order and Chaos. Unfortunately for the minions of Chaos (sorry chaos-lovers!), I'm rooting for the Order side. Now, I don't want to wallow in a very controversial concept such as Order. Order is order (in reference to organization). Among people, it will vary. Your version of order is different from my version of order. Islamic extremists' version of order will be different from a Pacific island monarch's version of order. A kindergarten student's version of order will be different from a college student's version of order. I hope you're catching my drift, because I'll run out of space with examples if I go on.

So am I starting a cult as I throw my thoughts out there? I'd like to believe that I'm not because the contents of these blogs are opinions after all. Now, it's come to my attention that poor ole "opinion" has become a scapegoat of sorts to a lot of people when they assert their beliefs, but that IS actually the truth in the exercise. We all have something to say, whether we agree with each other or not.

I sort of chuckle whenever I recall a line that was said a few times in the TV series Lost, "If you allow him to speak, it is already too late."/"If he speaks, it will already be too late." Choices can be a burden, especially when the options are embedded with ideas/knowledge/facts/opinions. A person can choose to react (favorably or unfavorably) to an idea or simply ignore it (as a non-factor to a decision), but in any case, the decision-maker would have been conscious of the idea's existence. He may allow it to affect him or not, but it's undeniable that it was thrown out there (just because). Whether someone agrees with the thoughts posted here or not is up to that reader. I publish my thoughts to share to the world, for their consideration and their independent choice to acknowledge it (whether they see it as truth or mere hogwash). I would like to think that, on my end, I've fulfilled my responsibility by throwing the ideas out there for anyone lucky/unlucky enough to have to digest them.

And so, after much meandering (guess what, you could've skipped the first 6 paragraphs), I give you my copyright declaration below:

All compositions, statements and opinions of the author are copyright © Earl T. Malvar 2009-2010. All rights reserved. There is no honor, respect, admiration, intellectual and academic dignity garnered through plagiarism.

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