Sunday, March 20, 2011

On Pet Peeves in Pinoy Society

I have been meaning to write an extensive piece of opinionated article on this published article before

and again the opportunity had presented itself in the form of another blog

that I decided to write a concise piece on them just so I can puff out the ideas before they fade into garbled eureka moments.

On tinkling in public, it's about the type of crowd you are exposed to I suppose. If the environment condones it as the norm, then tinkling anywhere is acceptable. If I were to be asked what can be done to change the mindset, that's easy, I would ask the assistance of the media. You can always change the mindset by making the act branded as shameful. The thing about the Philippines is, and mind you this is just a hypothesis at best, it's because of Catholicism in general (and I am not religion hating by the way, there have been comparative studies on the economic progress of Catholic countries and Protestant countries), that Filipinos are forgiving (the pwede na yan mindset, the compassion, and the understanding we extend to other people who have done us wrong) that we allow some atrocities/misdeeds to fade away into the annals of our short-termed memories. I think, and this is just my opinion, Filipinos are indeed peace loving people. We hate the conflict and the confrontation. We are not as vindictive as some other races, *Middle East* *cough* *West* *cough* *centuries ago* *cough*. For the suffering we have endured during the Spanish era, the Filipino-American war (numerous rules of war violations against civilians), and the Japanese occupation, we have moved on. Even the Marcoses have found new places in government today, wow, I mean wow. In any case, back to the tinkling issue, this violation is clearly a minor pet peeve to our sensibilities when compared to the cultural collective psyche that's working in the background.

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