Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why Does Mayweather Keep On Dodging Pacquiao?!

I think Mayweather knows it would be extremely hard to beat Pacquiao. His reluctance to sign a fight against Manny is simply given the benefit of a doubt because his demands for Olympic style blood testing (which clearly isn't the default SOP for PRO boxing) and his requirement of a $100 million share, among other things, couldn't be given to him. You can add the legal suits he is currently facing as well. If a guy - the challenger - like Mayweather doesn't even consider a 60-40 share (more for him) to sign a fight, then it's pretty clear he would like to preserve his illusion of supremacy. I don't even think Mayweather will ever consider fighting Manny (although I'm still hoping he does). Manny has already secured his legacy in history and he is clearly satisfied with his achievements. I think Mayweather understands that and his only chance for immortality in boxing history is to hitch a ride with Pacquiao's reputation (as the what-if factor). This also means that many years from now, when people talk about who was the greatest prize fighter ever and Pacquiao's name comes into the discussion, Mayweather will always be there like a monkeywrench. He will always be the irritant monkeywrench for Pacquiao, even though we all know that Pacquiao has always wanted to test his mettle against Mayweather. That, unfortunately, is the by-product of a man (Mayweather) who is afraid to lose and achieve immortality for himself. He has opted to hitch on the laurels of Pacquiao like a leech, a free-riding monkeywrench leech. Okay, maybe labeling him like that is too much, since he's earned his undefeated card, but that's the irony of being unblemished. You just can't afford to fall because the sensation of heaven is too much to bear losing. Pilipinas!

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