Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Facilitators of Corruption, Witnesses or Snitches

Everyone who has had first-hand knowledge of the misdeeds of the previous administration are starting to come out, which is probably the best decision for these "facilitators" of questionable and corrupt activities. When the floodgates break, the deluge is unstoppable and these people would rather be publicly known as the turncoats who snitched than become randomly murdered strangers who met "unfortunate accidents". The funny thing is, with the details coming out, when should we expect legal action to be taken? Again we circle back to how quickly Philippine society forgets of atrocities and crimes, regardless if petty or grave. Is this a function of the Catholic mindset? I'm a Catholic myself, but the intermingling of religious beliefs and the Filipino culture baffles me. Has this always been ingrained in the Filipino DNA? After reading pre-history texts in elementary, I was taught that pre-colonial Filipino society had oddities in penalizing crimes and even in investigating who the erring party was. Tying a guy up to a tree and letting the ants eat him alive would certainly be an interesting spectacle to these people who are wading on the taxes I pay to the Bureau of Internal Revenue. If only I could decide at what percentage the Philippine government deserves to get from my earnings, unfortunately if that happened, it'd probably be in the 1% to 5% range and nothing more, after finding out that 3 out of the top 5 executive agencies that get these are 1) the Department of Education, 2) the Department of Public Works and Highways and 3) the Department of Defense. Why should I even support these budget allocations when all I see are crappy (overpriced) facilities for the young Filipino students and how crappy their knowledge and use of English (pronunciation and grammar) is. Really? Filipinos online keep on BRAGGING about how good we are in English, but really, come on, these braggarts can't even type one sensible error-free sentence. And don't even get me started with the DPWH, shitty roads period. They can't even lay the cheap ass, low-grade asphalt (so contractors can churn the maintenance and get paid after every rainy season) flat on the road. The asphalt bulges up and becomes the speed bumps on the road. Wow, look at me, I'm driving on EDSA, a pothole to my left and asphalt speed bumps to my right. How about our pitiful military forces? For a supposedly free country, our soldiers still have to contend with communist insurgents and Muslim separatists. How free is that? Maybe we're a bit too liberal as a society to allow extreme divisiveness. Instead of spending and focusing on potential external threats, our military forces keep on getting distracted by skirmishes inside our country. Okay, maybe I'll just have to make the Department of National Defense an exception to my list, it might indeed be deserving of some funding. There's only so much one individual can do to transform things. Even a single witness can tempt fate and confess away, but we all know actions have consequences. It takes guts to tell all, especially when the deeds were designed to remain as secrets. The workers of monumental tombs were supposed to get buried with their overlord. No matter how much of the truth we try to tell to the public, the ultimate question is, do they pay attention?

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