Thursday, November 3, 2011

More EU Drachma

Greece, a poor nation of rich people. This is a prime example of the blame game taking the whole ship down. Is it cultural? Is the principle of not supporting a "corrupt" government justified, when clearly democracy points to the will of the people extending to those put in power? If the leaders were dictators then it would be a different matter all together, but come on, clearly the cradle of democracy has devolved to apathy and the "washing of hands" of the situation they are in. While the citizens of other EU countries faithfully pay their taxes, the Greek populace sees itself as "principled" in insisting that the politicians will just take advantage of the taxpayer's money. These guys better fix their mess. Reading through user comments on articles online, I got a sense of what I should be looking for. After a simple Google search, putting together "Greece", "EU", "cooks" and "books", I stumbled upon these sites:

Well, that's how the cookie crumbles. I suppose it was a tragedy that had a trajectory already set years ago, but what do I know, it all sounds Greek to me.

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