Friday, December 23, 2011

Yahoo PH Article -> Commentary: Is It Rational to Believe in God

I read this interesting article, wherein the author contended that there was a double self-contradiction to Stephen Hawking's conclusions in the book The Grand Design.

I read this book a year ago and I must admit that I overlooked this so called double self-contradiction myself. As what the author had called a case of, "...the illogicality of certain statements is obscured by the authority of those who make such statements and the general public often fails to see this."

I consider myself a man of faith or what you could poshly refer to as a non-atheist these days. Despite, what ultimately would have meant utter surrender to superior logic and extensive knowledge in theoretical physics, I resisted what Stephen Hawking eventually concluded in his book about the "un-necessity" of God (superior force of all existence AND non-existence, wtf, screwy logic lol). I clung on to it despite my tendencies to prize logic and reason because I felt that it was right.

I really recommend you guys to read it if you have the time, including these: A Brief History of Time, A Briefer History of Time, and A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion: The Essential Scientific Works of Albert Einstein.

I still believe in free will. Faith and free will are exquisite. I don't mean to know or assume any more beyond my spectrum of empirical senses. The database of human knowledge is based on our empirical senses and how we processed them through our personal paradigm (interpretative and cognitive abilities). That's precisely why it's called faith.

My mentor, Mr. Pedro Benedicto hasn't massed produced his book yet, but I have found it to be a very revealing piece of literature that helps us understand ourselves. I specially liked the role of paradigms in how we perceive our reality, his thoughts on frequencies and dimensions, and his efforts to link reason with spirituality.

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