Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Real Super-Matrix?

While I usually only speak of my opinions on matters of perception and the interpretation of what can be deemed as consensus truths, this article has probably got to be THE all-encompassing and condensed QUESTION to seek an answer to: Do we live in a Matrix?

A silly notion to ponder on really, since it is practically a challenge to reality itself. Can an occupant of a closed system fully prove to himself (and also other occupants, more later on this issue) that his reality and all the physical rules and constraints by which his very existence is subjected to is encompassed in a rigged system? Why even posit an assumption? Does it emanate from a need to achieve "true freedom" (as what had been the contentious issue in the Matrix Trilogy)? What is true freedom, anyway? If it's simply a "Matrix" manipulated by a sentient being who is a "non-God", but had somehow managed to enslave and deceive humanity (I'm assuming this is the line of thinking if we're basing the theory from the Movie), what is true freedom from this supposed "manipulator" (who should not be mistaken for the TRUE Higher Being who bestows absolute free will [theologically, i.e. God])? Was this system designed to limit sentient life from becoming god-like in status? How can it be possible that we can all be gods, if from the semantics alone a god should possess exclusivity in its dominion over everything else (there can only be one!)? For the sake of scientific inquiry, I'm ignoring the fact that there is a paradox to the underlying purpose of this theory. If there is a truth that can be uncovered, then by all means the theorists should be given all the rights and faculties to find it; but at the end of that tunnel, is there any true comfort to really finding out or are we simply driven by the human compulsion to find whatever answer there is out there to a given question?

As Cypher had put it:
Ignorance is bliss

While we are on the subject matter, I recommend that people support this unofficial Matrix 4 screenplay, which is about a Supermatrix, a matrix outside the matrix, which is a "reverse Inception" type of mechanism in my opinion. I'm still hoping that I get to see a new Matrix Trilogy before I die:

Moving on, I also mentioned that all occupants must also be convinced with this proof, otherwise, the person who supposedly found the answer would be deemed a crazy occupant who perceives things outside of what is sensible to what the "system" is portraying or projecting to everyone else. That person will probably be committed to an asylum for "not making any sense", so whatever proofs or calculations that cannot merely be comprehended by simple empirical facts and sensory input are beyond those who are unable to keep up with the pace of reasoning that theorists may posit. In other words, if you're a smarty pants, that can only explain things to yourself, while no one else can understand you, then you are so going to burn on the stake.

I've blogged about perceptions and control before, albeit limited to the secular level:

And so, with this theory, it is insinuated that "A System" was built on which humanity is a captive of. In any scale of whatever system, however, exists the question to the purpose by which these were created or discovered/defined (in the case of naturally occurring ones). Should people be looking at the ends or the means of which these systems had been deemed to exist in humanity's perception and people's minds? I think an interesting perspective can be read from one of my previous blog entries (that I just recently gave a title to):

In exploring these ideas, I've come to the conclusion that the Middle Way and to be a moderate is truly the most ideal path to take:

There are probably questions that are beyond humanity's capabilities to answer. From an anthropocentric perspective, it seems man's destiny is to evolve into something greater. For this belief, I do not know if it is simple rhetoric or if there is a literal view that men can become gods, but the answer to this is probably not for anyone at this point to witness. For the billions of years that the Universe has existed, any one human being can only last for a speck's time, a blip in the time stream that no higher sentient being would ever notice at all. So when did you last get the "sad" news that drone ant #529,432,012,454 died when an aardvark decided it was lunch time? In my belief, we can only find meaning from within for ourselves and expectations of fame and glory should be put aside if we consider how trivial our lifetime is when laid over Eternity's length.

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Pacquiao vs Marquez 4, Pacman's Loss and the Blame Game

So boxing fans all over recently witnessed how Manny Pacquiao ate Juan Manuel Marquez's knuckle sandwich and subsequently ate the ring mat for desert. I have nothing, but respect for these guys and they've had excellent boxing careers for themselves, respectively. While, it's disappointing that Pacquiao didn't win, Marquez won this fair and square...convincingly I should add. Marquez definitely earned this, I mean at some point drinking your own pee has to pay-off, right?! It's satisfying to see how obnoxiously smug Filipinos posting online comments on Yahoo and other sites are now eating humble pie. It was also pretty awesome to witness how gracious Manny Pacquiao was in defeat.

“First and foremost I would like to thank God for keeping Juan Manuel Márquez and me safe during our fight on Saturday night,” said Pacquiao.

“I want to congratulate Juan Manuel. I have no excuses. It was a good fight and he deserved the victory. I think boxing fans who watched us were winners too."

"He got me good. That's boxing," Pacquiao who admitted he got over confident when he also knocked down Marquez on the fifth. "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose."

While I am no boxing analyst or even a fan at that, I always thought that Marquez had Pacquiao's number. I've seen alot of Pacman fights (not the video game one) and he has always been the aggressor, always attacking (nonstop) and the Marquez matches always seemed like he (Pacman) had to pay somewhat for being overly committed to attacking. As a counter-puncher, Marquez knew how to punish Pacquiao's style and I don't think Pacquiao ever truly figured out how to beat Marquez, because despite multiple knockdowns in the past (and even in the recent match), Marquez is one tough S.O.B. who can't seem to get knocked out.

Interestingly, days earlier, Pacman had been saying what the game plan was and it was for him to be the aggressor (again), unlike the previous fight wherein he was "boxing" against Marquez and not "pitbully-ing" his way through.

I have to agree that it was a lucky punch with the round ending, but it was one wicked lucky punch. The pace was great and Manny was chipping away on Marquez's defense:

Must Read:


Anyway, what prompted me to give my insights on the results of the match was actually because of the angry comments of Manny Pacquiao's mom on national television, who was raving mad about how it was because of Manny's choice to leave the Catholic Church and pick another Christian institution, that brought upon his loss in such a shocking fashion.

Now, this doesn't make sense at all in my view, but if his decision had somehow psychologically influenced his neural pathways, which affected his kinesiology, then I might give credence to the belief that the loss had something to do with his choice of following a new religious institution. In other words, he was DISTRACTED and PREOCCUPIED (which for any craft or skill, means there's a lack in focus). In my adamant opinion, this is a poor argument because this is precisely what perpetuates the divisive (and sometimes hateful) tendencies of humanity, that are brought on by religions all over the world (more so for the zealous, faith-obsessed, and would-be "martyrs" of their faith). Not only does it sound absurd and silly, but it seems beyond logic, not unless it has become a mental distraction for Pacquiao and is probably applicable to his decision to become a public servant in the Philippines, as well.

At the very least, he wasn't physically debilitated by the knockout punch (yet).

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Collection Obsession (and The Hoarding Sickness)

*WARNING* This entry is video heavy

So, I’ve rekindled a hobby of mine recently. I’ve been picking-off video game items and related stuff here and there, online and in stores. While some of the older generations would scoff at this as spending folly, I’d like to think (if not justify) just how vintage car collecting, book collecting, toy collecting, stamp collecting, vinyl album collecting, even moth/butterfly collecting (tree huggers and environmentalists are probably outraged by this), among so many other “hoarding hobbies” come-off as silly pastimes in the eyes of the younger generations.

Thorough discussions have been made in other online articles regarding hoarding. Wikipedia defines this:

Compulsive hoarding (or pathological collecting) is a pattern of behavior that is characterized by the excessive acquisition of and inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment.

I'm pretty sure though that I'm far from being a compulsive hoarder. I like to arrange my stuff as any decent collector does! While I was thinking about discussing the art of collecting stuff a few days ago, I recalled how surprised I was, a few months back, to find out that some TV show made a documentary on "hoarding" and it depicted hoarding as a psychological disability. As a word, of course, most people have had this in their vocabulary, but it's absolutely shocking to actually see this as a psychological phenomenon on film.

I suppose everyone really needs to have a hobby these days to keep them distracted and loose, lest binge drinking & eating, kleptomania-ism, relationship cheating, bullying, picking-up chicks (not that there’s anything wrong with this if it’s consensual! lmao), become the only pastimes all people around the world can pick from. From the eyes of different observers, there are seemingly dull pastimes, pleasurable pastimes, and even distressing or disturbing ones.

Watching too much of History Channel, especially episodes of Pawnstars, Real Deal, and the American Pickers probably shoved me to this direction. 

I find it interesting to note how “materialism” could ever be so captivating when put in the context of history

*Image from

People put meaning to items of history and things related to their lives’ past (whether personal or on a civilization’s context). We live on the best times of what we remember, we cherish the empirical nature of life through our senses, and we smile with our fondest personal memories in mind. Interestingly, we put value on the items that can be attributed to those memories, how important they are to us, whether to relive it or at least have a piece of what is personally dear in our minds. Thus there is a price for every item we perceive to be essential to our lives, even if it’s beyond biological necessity. There is a psychological pay-off to this condition of “meaningful materialism”

*Image from

 *Image from


Well here's a pretty shocking discovery. Some people are actually engaging in "video game dumpster diving". This practically comes straight from Frank Reynolds' (It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) playbook! I can't say I approve of this method of finding value in items, especially when stuff have already been relegated to the trash bins, but if you browse through eBay, a lot of sellers are selling game CD-less cases with manuals and it's pretty disgusting to think that they would come from dumpsters. Hopefully they clean them first!


So another man's trash really is another man's treasure...but to what extent I am still too stumped to say after seeing people consider this as a "hobby". I know the first video was a spoof from SNL, but the second one I don't know if they're doing a comedy skit ala- Arrested Development/The Office/P&R


Interactive books, that’s what I have decided to call them from here on out. I remember how my uncle 20 or so years ago introduced me to his Atari 2600 Jr (rainbow) and how I eventually got it for myself (although I can’t recall if he gave it to me or I pestered him for it that he eventually had to give it away just to stop a kid’s persistence).

*Image from

From the simple pastime games of Galaxian, Pac-Man, and Pong, video game production and development have evolved to something more. The entertainment side eventually gave way to video games becoming more attuned to an ideologue’s role. Kids who have grown up through the decades of evolution of the video game industry would most likely agree that from silly interactive games, video games have become an effective medium through which to pass on intricate plots, ideas, and concepts on philosophy, theology, politics, morality, simulation, and the what ifs of alternate realities, societies, or civilizations.

*Image from

I’ve decided to Google-dig something about “Interactive Books” and look what I found!

Supreme Court: Books as ‘interactive’ as video games

(PAUL SAKUMA/ASSOCIATED PRESS) Odysseus and Snow White had a hand in striking down a California law banning the sale of violent video games to minors on Monday.
In a 7-2 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to strike the California law, finding that the law violates minors’ first-amendment rights as the state can't prove violent games directly harm children and are no different from other media such as literature or comic books.
The law banned minors from purchasing games “in which the range of options available to a player includes killing, maiming, dismembering, or sexually assaulting an image of a human being, if those acts are depicted.” Mortal Kombat and Grand Theft Auto were singled out as examples of games that met this criteria. And, the state argued, games such as these are different from other media because they are more “interactive.” Basically, the ability to act — by proxy — as the one punching, kicking or killing in a video game distinguishes it from other media, the state argued.
In the majority opinion, Justice Antonin Scalia said that there is no precedent to shield children from violence, citing more graphic passages from Grimm’s Fairy Tales and Dante’s Inferno as examples of violent books that are even taught in schools.
The government has the right to protect children from harm, Scalia said, but California did not prove these games show “a direct causal link between violent video games and harm to minors” any more than the gruesome eye-plucking scene with the cyclops from Homer’s Odyssey.
I, for one, agree with the court, knowing that I get shivers from imagining the torture in George Orwell’s 1984, but am somehow relatively unfazed by the spine-ripping, heart-tearing final moves in Mortal Kombat.
Whether those kinds of games are in poor taste or not is a different matter. I certainly think parents should learn about the games their kids want to buy — and understand the industry’s own rating system — to make their own decisions about what’s appropriate for their children. But I’d say that parents should make their own judgements about any other medium, be it a book, movie, play or art exhibit.
As savvy media consumers, I’m interested to hear what you have to say about the differences — or lack thereof — between video games and other forms of media.
Do you think a video game is ultimately more interactive than other media?

Sexual and violent content has always been a controversial issue in the video game industry. While concerned lobbyists believe that video game interactivity more effectively impresses upon the immoral concepts, that they are dreading about, to users (including children), books through the centuries have already done and are capable of doing the deed. I suppose it’s just that no kid would ever bother reading through piles of books these days. I do wonder if the reading speed of people has dropped significantly through the centuries due to the emergence of multimedia-fed information or if, thanks to the Internet, it has actually spiked due to the almost infinite amount of words composed for readers all over the world.

**Update 12/08/12 (because somebody has to say something about what we're seeing through media)
In any case though, the integration of the arts has never been more so enthralling than what multimedia has done through video games. The ultra rich get to be patrons of the arts, spending millions on paintings that are obviously beyond the basic necessities of the layman, especially for the citizens of third-world nations. Maybe if I win the lottery I can be a patron of the arts myself, although I'd definitely be biased towards acquiring video game related art.

Update 12/10/12

Browsing through the Internet and scouring the online seller sites, I thought to myself that I might as well go the whole nine yards on this topic. Probably the most time I spent reading or immersing myself in this industry was during the early 90's during the 16-bit console wars, so definitely any history before that I can't give any firm insight on, but I was able to stumble upon a blog article by a dude from Singapore (an ASEAN neighbor) and he did a pretty good overview of the history of consoles:

Of course, I give this blogger the thumbs up for thoughtfully mentioning who the father of this industry is, Ralph H. Baer:

 And of course, I have to sprinkle in some aspects on the engineering and technology:

As I've mentioned earlier, the guys hosting the American Pickers show on the History Channel have practically been the inspiration for this new hobby and there really is the adventurists' spirit in hunting down stuff at perceived-to-be amazing prices (or at least reasonable):

The Game Chasers

Watching these guys though makes me think that there's childish tension between them over who gets a great item first. The duo makes it entertaining to watch since we get more insights, instead of the man vs wild format (with just one dude doing monologues) but I find it confusing if they're really buddies sharing the game hunting experience or if they're rivals engaged in one-up-manship. In any case, this is pretty entertaining if you want to learn something about hunting things down. No boulders of death or Nazi armies after you in these adventures, but pretty cool to experience:

Captain 8Bit Youtube Channel

The Game Chasers Season 1 Episode 1

I suppose there’s a certain air of adventurism in not only playing the part of an explorer in a different world with varying rules applied to play the game (literally and figuratively), but also an immersive experience that could probably be characterized as a form of escapism.

The Indiana Jones-esque experience of hunting down legendary titles or items is still the best part of this IMO. In fact, I think I’ve already spent more than $4,000 $7,000 (did some accounting, not my most fave subject in college, but a necessary obstacle to conquer in order to enjoy college life many years back) in 3 months (not the most careless spending spree in history obviously, but shocking for someone who's extremely budget conscious) on stuff that I think wouldn’t even be played even if 3 years had passed. They’re that many. Kind of like hoarding a trunk full of 1,000 page books that you won't feel like speed reading through unless your life depended on it.

This is probably the one item that I bought that's already more than a decade old, but I'm still looking forward to play (err "read") through. Sega (the game developer) has apparently lost the original source code for this game, so they can't decompile anything and release a new batch.

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Political Dynasties: Philippines

It's campaign season soon in the Philippines as May 13, 2013 draws near and I certainly applaud the efforts of groups and individuals to assist in creating a more competent populace who can wield the power of suffrage wisely and responsibly. Lest we remain stuck in idiocracy-land!

Although, these videos represent a criticism of US culture, the concept is practically the same from a political standpoint. Democracy is a numbers game and if we look at poverty levels and the dumbfounding penchant of the poor to find relief in a large number of progeny they "manufacture", so that these impoverished families can have more hands to help them for income generation (when kids should be sent to school, btw, instead of being encouraged to do child labor), then we are left with more uneducated people who are bestowed the right to vote for their preferred type of government (usually of the socialist type that facilitates in the expansion of subsidized social welfare programs, that IMO keeps us stuck in economic development limbo because instead of funneling money to infrastructure related and economic programs, officials are incentivized to scatter public funds to the growing number of poor and uneducated people). It does not help from a cultural angle, that although with fervent Catholic followers, the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines struggles in making its constituents understand the value of natural family planning. While, it would be hypocritical for it to turn a blind eye on the issue of contraception and sex education for children, IMO, the Roman Catholic Church is put in a compromising position wherein it has to champion the ideals and principles of life (bearing) and the values of family building, while also having to contend with the more practical concepts of economic planning and the advancement of society and the standards of living in the Philippines.

These are of course the growing pains of a maturing democracy IMO, and although as slow as the pace may seem, as long as there is a slight nudge to the right direction, then it is all for the better. The true tragedy is to have progress be stifled or reversed by people who benefit from the less than ideal circumstances. More so do I think that it does not do society good if changes are abrupt and uncompromising. I think a sluggish pace allows people (through several generations) to come to terms with the realities and circumstances of society, as they adjust to the demands and insinuations of the times, while not necessarily traumatizing the current generation with cruel and dictatorial force.

It's unfortunate really that we have social and cultural circumstances that facilitate the persistence of political dynasties. The impoverished masses remain susceptible to short term "baits" by traditional politicians, while ignoring long term institutional change and advancements. They, after all, feel that anything that isn't instantaneously beneficial would not alleviate their problems and frustrations in life. In turn, intentionally or unintentionally, retaining the flawed political culture.

It's truly a vicious cycle, but in the end, (Filipinos)...we create the type of society we want to live in...and so we live with it. Change can be attained by changing the cultural mindset in the numbers. After all, democracy is a numbers game, as we believe it to be and should be.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Of Bullies, Cyber-bullies, and Priorities (The Cybercrime Law in the Philippines)


The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines it as:

Definition of LIBEL

a : a written statement in which a plaintiff in certain courts sets forth the cause of action or the relief sought
b archaic : a handbill especially attacking or defaming someone
a : a written or oral defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression
b (1) : a statement or representation published without just cause and tending to expose another to public contempt (2) : defamation of a person by written or representational means (3) : the publication of blasphemous, treasonable, seditious, or obscene writings or pictures (4) : the act, tort, or crime of publishing such a libel 
 *from URL:

While I had originally intended this blog entry to be on the subject of bullying, especially after a recent local incident of a bully's father threatening, at gunpoint, a kid who apparently retaliated against a bully at school, became the subject of general discussion on the radio and TV, I couldn't help but find an ironic link to what legislators are impinging on our civil liberties.

In my search for something clever on the subject of the high school hierarchy, I stumbled upon these:

*Image from


They date each other, hang out with each other. Sometimes cheerleader girls will hang out with girls who play other sports, like volleyball, gymnastics, or track. But jocks very rarely expand their social circles.

Music Kids
They're "hipsters" who play in the band or sing in the chorus or both, and take music very seriously. They take extra music classes, do the play and musical, and only hang out with each other.

They generally hang out in some remote area of the parking lot before, after, and during school. They don't do much.

These are the girls that crave attention, usually in the form of male Facebook likes, and then complain about creepers on their bikini/cleavage shot.

They are generally black or Hispanic. They talk loud, wear clothing that is much too tight, act uneducated, and Typee Lykee Diss .

Excellent grades, athletic, ambitious. They are the ones who came to public school after a private Catholic school. They make friends with the popular kids.

Not necessarily smart, these kids love hanging out in their rooms with a video game. Sometimes they get good grades, but not always.

They hate the mainstream, just like music kids, but goths hate music kids too because they just hate everyone. They stay below the radar and sit in the corner.

They don't have any friends. They are often used by others for a quick laugh. They are bitter wallflowers. They either look down on others or are afraid of others.
I was extremely surprised that the bully role was overlooked! I mean, come on! Who doesn't know Biff Tannen?!

Or the O'Doyles?!

These lengthy definitions aren't from me and they weren't taken from Wikipedia, these are basically from (a more timely and relevant basis for today's lingo and terminologies). Reading from the various definitions, it's pretty safe to say that there is a recurring theme of bullies being agents of undeserved misery to the defenseless.


1. bully 1438 up, 182 down

A young hoodlum who revels in making peoples lives a misery during school years. Happily though, when they grow up they will have nothing more to look forward to than getting anally penetrated every day by fellow prisoners in the shower, or, by the prison wardens truncheon ;D
Bully me all you like loser, you're the one who will walk like John Wayne the rest of your life :D
2. bully 873 up, 123 down

A person who makes fun of others based on their own insecurities about life.
Man that big ugly bully makes fun of all of the smaller ugly people.
by Daniel Mar 10, 2005 share this add a video
3. Bully 215 up, 31 down

To humiliate, persecute, underestimate, harass, lower, tease, desocialize, hurt, discriminate, jeer, ridicule, bother, disturb, molest, trouble, embarass, mishandle, insult, weaker, injure, harm, affront, torture, offend, prejudice, torment, intimidate...
Arrogant,dictators wannabe,that BULLY other people, to prove that they are the cool ones. What they dont know is that they are slavers of their own clothes, bodies and futilities. Bullying is for those who cannot be as autentic as you.
4. bully 694 up, 122 down

The dumbest shit that think that making people miserable is good when it only makes them look dumber.
The bully gets what he deserves if he gets suspended.
5. bully 127 up, 18 down

Bullies are scum, pure and simple. They torment people who can't defend themselves, they revel in the suffering of innocent people who have never done anything to hurt them. They are the REAL reason for the Columbine shootings, they are the main reason for kids dropping out of school, or worse, commiting suicide. It's not just kids who can be bullies, teachers can be even worse, seing as how they have authority over the kids. But when their victims stand up for themselves, their true nature shows: a cowardly, spineless worm.
Bullying is a problem, a much bigger problem than violent video games.

Kids rarely confront conflict. Bullies instigate conflict because IMO they have a twisted sense and perception of how to use their perceived powers/capabilities. Even Captain America knows this *wink*.

NVM the "problematic home" excuse. That's BS, any civil and kind hearted person would never make another innocent by-stander's life miserable, just because his life isn't doing so well. That's what thieves and criminals do (dahil sa "matinding pangangailangan" daw), they make excuses and put the blame on the general conditions of their lives. Bullies merely pick on what they perceive to be weak people. Kids being bullied are torn with the realities of being bullied and the values that our educational institutions try to emphasize, i.e., forgiveness, tolerance, and non confrontation. Besides, kids will be labeled as snitches by the bullies if they tell adults or are mostly concerned of getting a "strike" record for fighting at school (even though it's against a bully). 

I've always felt that bullies of all ages deserve permanent locomotor paralysis, but that's just what has been embedded in my mind since my younger years. With great power comes great responsibility right? If these bullies are so tough and confident enough to think that they can't be touched (i.e., the illusion of being empowered) then they should have accountability and have a sober temperament with what they do instead of showing how irresponsible they can be if given the resources.

Meanwhile, I should add that it's extremely ironic that our legislators would pass an extremely flawed cyber crime law. When someone is elected into office (by the people!), they have been put there to be subjected to all kinds of criticisms. That's what the job entails. They are given extraordinary powers through their offices that no mere citizen will be able to wield. 

According to Senator Sotto, he inserted the libel provision because he felt that he was being bullied on cyberspace! Well, I don't know, maybe it was because HE WAS PLAGIARIZING somebody else's work by dismissing the names of the true authors of the ideas he had dispensed during his speeches?

Now, with the passage of a law like this, public officials are given the tools to "protect their untarnished reputations" by embedding the libel provision to the law so they can protect themselves against "cyber bullies", because they are oh so weak, defenseless, and powerless. Well, how about we pass a law for the sake of the kids being bullied?! How come these selfish aholes who have the backing of sovereign-conferred powers prioritize the protection of their own "images", when kids at school get mowed down by bullies? Are there no ideas for laws that would actually castrate would-be adult bullies, by disciplining bullies who are still at a young age?

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