Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Facebook Friends' Network (Warning: Fake Friends Embedded)

After reading this ABC news article from Yahoo! News about Facebook content inducing depression among users,


I have come to realize that I've developed a certain pet peeve in Facebook. I'm still trying to grasp why some people would post work-related stuff in a social-networking site. While I would tend to avoid judging people's activities and intentions since it's really none of my business, it has crossed my mind that these types of posts are either "flaunting for admiration" or "flaunting for envy". For me to speculate on which is which is of course merely inviting malice to the issue. Besides, I don't think anyone in particular is meant to be the target-audience. Just the same though, I felt it interesting to point-out how a person's "business at work" and apparently how important his/her job is at work can be likened to the "happy pictures", as discussed in the news article, in possibly eliciting a negative vibe from a spectator.

*Image from http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/695769/its-officially-legal-facebook-friends-dont-count/

It is, of course, a free world after all. I am, however, biased towards using Facebook as a means to have a good time with friends even if there's no direct and personal interaction among us (it's online after all!). I have visually imagined it as a scenario wherein you and your friends are hanging-out and having a good time, while a douchebag drives by and revs his Nissan GTR-35 for the crowd to see and awe at.

To look at the other side of the fence, however, work-life is part of our lives so to display events involving 1/3rd or 1/2 of most of our daily lives' time is forgivably understandable. Although, I digress, when it so happens that I haven't seen any activity from a person for long spans of time and then occasionally makes a wall post about work. That would be an, "uhmmm...okay..."-moment.

Have you ever been added as a friend in FB by people who, you've never been close to, were simply acquaintances, or were those simply offensive to you? These insights were inspired by people who are exactly like these. People like these bait you into adding them just so they can parade their "oh so awesome" lives to their victims. The "look at me now" and the "I'm still riding the cool vibe" have long been two of the oldest plays in the school reunion & homecoming playbooks. Why add them? Possibly because out of courtesy or a rusty memory that indeed good times had transpired in the past.

If you want an awesome comedy show that depicts this, try watching IASIP:


*Image from IMDB

I also find it interesting why some Facebook users would want a DISLIKE button feature to be used on posts. Hasn't anyone told them that if you don't have something good to say (express), then you should just shut it? Well, if that day indeed comes and that DISLIKE button becomes institutionalized, I expect FB to become a cyberspace of brewing hate, disgust, and contempt among so called "friends", possibly because an online reaction is detached with gestures, emotions, and tone that makes it susceptible for reactions to be misconstrued.

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