Saturday, March 31, 2012

Steve Nash: Going for the Ring (YOUTUBE OVERLOAD, but please take the time to be entertained!)

Before anything else, let's look at Steve Nash's body of work in the NBA:

As I've mentioned before, if the Suns trainers and nutritionists release a book on how they've kept these old guys, Nash, Grant Hill, Michael Redd, and an injured Amare (before) playing like clock work, then I'm buying 10 copies.

Nash is a member of the 50-40-90 club. A very distinct club for efficient NBA players.

Nash and Bird are the only players who achieved 50–40–90 in multiple seasons; Bird achieved it twice consecutively and Nash achieved it four times in five seasons.[3] Nash narrowly missed achieving 50–40–90 five seasons in a row by shooting at 89.9% from the free throw line in the 2006–07 season. - Wiki

Taking a peek into this dude's mind and his competitive spirit:

Not to mention how blessed he is with his athletic prowess (because they rebuilt him!):

His talent really reminds me of these guys (NO...not because they're white):

The Heat organization hasn't said anything about this "Nash-dangling", to my knowledge at least. I don't think Riley and his staff are thinking that far ahead yet since this Heat roster is supposed to be enough to get the job done.

It is essentially Nash who has expressed his desire for a ring. After all those great years with the Suns (especially the Nash MVP years), the roster has been gutted and I don't think rebuilding next summer will allow Steve to fulfill his championship dreams. When you see an old Grant Hill as your co-star, a Frye and a Dudley acting as support in scoring, and Marcin Gortat getting a double double regularly, you have to be amazed at how Steve Nash makes things so easy for his team.

The East is already tight as it is. If he gets into a mediocre Eastern Conference team or a West team that's rebuilding, then I don't think he'll win anything at the twilight of his career. The only contenders I see in the West are OKC, the Mavs, and the Lakers, maybe the Spurs too. It will be up to Nash if he wants to embrace the hate-fest showered by critics on a daily basis, but in the end nothing beats a ring. No matter how a player is imagining how people will be talking about him in the coming years, it sure as hell beats fading away into oblivion. At least fans will be talking about him, whether in a good or nasHty light; that is the nearest an athlete can get to attaining immortality in his chosen sport.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

20 Reasons Why I Dislike the Philippines...The Aftermath

Sorry, I can't disable the autoplay to these two videos. I know it's irritating, but I don't know what html code to put in to make them stop. There's the stop/pause button for you though! =D

There was some truth to what the guy said, but I would've preferred a better way for him to have delivered his point. Some of his criticisms were actually out of context, he was of course looking at a different culture. Three years isn't enough to immerse one's self to the intricacies and nuances of the Filipino lifestyle and culture.

Errr...okay, 21 minutes of this videos is probably torture, if you're rolling your eyes now...let's move on to something a little bit shorter

Or, let's just bounce to the beat, aye?

It's his opinion anyway and him being able to throw it out there just shows how much we value civil liberties and the freedom of insight. If he were staying in North Korea or some other dubious state, I doubt he'd be authorized to say his thoughts or even get out of that country. In any case, the stuff he pointed out are obvious to us Filipinos anyway, so I wasn't bothered at all. We already have citizens who hate themselves and their country as it is. This video was designed to stir an emotional response (ala-trolling) and I really hope we respond positively and make this country better. Filipinos always shout out about "Pinoy pride" when they see Filipino success abroad, gloat about it, and rub it in other nationalities' faces, well this is one challenge that Filipinos should start investing in so that they can really show their so called Pinoy pride.

Interestingly, I applaud the dude's civic vigilance. The effects were immediate! LMAO

I am thankful that Filipinos were raised with the concept of shame (kahihiyan). Filipinos reacting to this just means we were called out to make improvements to our society. This video wasn't complete bashing at all. It hasn't even covered the crimes, kidnappings, terrorism, and scammers plaguing our country. Well, after getting pelted with this supposedly "embarrassing" revelation, what are we going to do about it?

This is the first time I have watched a fully edited video by a foreigner "critiquing" our country (Cebu actually). Most foreigners are told to only praise the Philippines, say good things, give good feedback, and ignore the bad stuff or else face the wrath of the Pinoys who are in self-denial. They might even risk getting the dreaded "persona non grata" penalty that Filipinos love to hand out against offending parties.

I have to admit, as a country and a people bashed and belittled by European colonizers for hundreds of years, I can understand where the sensitivity and inferiority complex stems from. Filipinos remain eager to please and crave the positive feedback. Not bad really, a hospitable people until today, Filipinos are benefiting from this reputation, but I really have to wonder if this was some intended psyche manipulation by the Spanish bosses.

So we arrive to the Aftermath...

Okay, for all the dude's swagger in his first video, this guy is either really good at acting, showing regret, or he was held captive in an abandoned warehouse somewhere. I can only speculate as to how horrible and traumatic it was for him to get his beard shaven by someone's pet monkey...blindfolded! I was referring to the simian being blindfolded. Btw, chimps can rip your face off, it's true, go search it on Youtube!

This dude looked like he had a cannon aimed at his balls. It makes you want to feel sorry for him in this video. Interestingly, looking at the comments sections, Filipinos were mostly agreeing to what the guy said (Keywords for a Google Search: 20 Reasons Why I Dislike the Philippines or just check out It was the truth, nothing overtly malicious, and he took the effort to edit the video for crying out loud! Also, why would the Flip touch the guy's crotch, I mean WTF!? Who does that?!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

FB "Friends": Schadenfreude Friends or Pretentious Social Show-offs

This video was anemically narrated, but what the heck!

Just to balance things out here:

I have always marveled at the existence of "friends" who seem to exist like vacuums of Likes, who are incapable of reciprocating the gestures (as if they were there to pose to the world and shout out, "Look at me!"). I do, however, wonder at what point does it become an exercise of showing-off or an innocent way of compiling personal memories (generously shared), especially when these people have classified their "friends" as those eligible to take a peek at their private lives.

Are they somehow afraid that they have to keep-up with their reputations, their social value? What kind of monsters are they afraid of among their so called "friends"?

If this isn't a microcosm of what the Cold War was, then I don't know what is. More so is this ironic, that I'm alluding to the Cold War in a paragraph about friendship through a social networking website called Facebook. The tragedy here of course is the paranoia suffered by both the observer and the observed.

*Image from

We can interpret the underlying meaning and agendum behind peoples' posts, but as observers we are also exposed to "insecurity" when we over-think their intentions. I believe we are susceptible to reacting and viewing things as acts of insecurity if we allow ourselves to play into the hand of the "insecurity game". Juxtaposing our lives with others' is already a nod to joining the "social status race" game that users of Facebook most often misconstrue it to be.

It should already be a premise for any user that the cards in life aren't dealt fairly, nor based on our personal preferences and wishes. Damn it, I wish I was a billionaire! Any ill will toward the success of others or this schadenfreude phenomenon might be unavoidable, but we can arm ourselves with the understanding and insight that allows us to see things maturely.

Too often have I been exposed to office gossip, back-talk, back-$#it talk, and backstabbing and because I am not one to snitch on people, I have simply opted to shut the negativity out. This comes at a price though, because you are more likely to isolate yourself and portray yourself as the snob.

This basically translates to the Facebook experience and I for one advocate to staying true to what being a friend is and how a friend would actually interact in real life (and no random stranger friend requests please). I personally weed out my friends list once in a while to check on acquaintances and "friends" who were in fact added for etiquette's sake, but aren't really the friends "worth keeping". It's a healthy catharsis actually. Also, I really appreciate friends who post fun, entertaining stuff, and the occasional points to ponder on. These are after all what I’d imagine a time spent in personal interaction would be, goofing off, sharing laughs, and ideas. What the hell is up with all the showmanship anyway?!

On a lighter note on isolationism, here's Ryan Higa (nigahiga):

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Trolls, Words, Power (sounds like a story about wizards and warlocks to me)

The Troll Movement

PRESENTING: The Trolololol Song, Enjoy!

My earliest encounters with trolls, flamers, and flamebaiters were in the booming days of Internet Relayed Chat (IRC), including my web exploration of BB's (bulletin boards) and message boards. I have always and still remain a fence sitter on people engaged in composing statements designed to provoke and elicit emotional responses from readers and responsible online posters, simply because of the entertainment value of their activities when you simply decide to be a spectator. While certainly interactive online message posting and micro-blogging shouldn't be taken so seriously, I have to admit that there are sensitive and critical issues and topics relating to politics and society that should be handled with care and diligence. Inflammatory posts by people who intend them to merely draw attention to themselves, condescend, embarrass, or confuse their fellow netizens are just proving a simple fact that they are unable to bear and handle the responsibility of wielding any form of power once they are bestowed with it. Words are powerful tools, while bullets and explosives can tear the flesh of anyone within the range or radius of the source, words can influence a billion minds and stir a billion spirits. When people go to message boards and the comments sections of articles, they are in fact showing their willingness to know other people's insights and beliefs, while also tending to share their own to the world. Online readers are receptive in that sense, not to mention the fact that reading other people's compositions takes a lot more effort than merely listening to them talk. How we use these opportunities and the power that comes to dispensing our thoughts to a willing audience are reflective of how we appreciate the power of the instrument being bestowed upon us. Misusing the opportunity, if a person isn't mature enough to say his piece responsibly, is a travesty to the liberties offered by a free and noble society, more so when it is through a global medium like the Internet.

*Image from

This book is pretty old and it was first published in 1998.

Knowledge is a double-edged sword. It can set one free from ignorance and bring one closer to some truth (sensible realizations) or it can poison one's mind with paranoia or fear in monsters and boogeymen that aren't even there at all. Given a book like this, one should wonder how he would inevitably see the world after. I think these ideas and concepts are a biblical allusion of what the forbidden fruit, Eve and Adam messed around with, represented. Once known and processed by our minds, these can never be "un-known" and "un-learned". This liberation from ignorance might be a revealing experience indeed, but it might also leave people to be susceptible to imbuing all the actions, gestures, and ideas of their fellow men with malice.

Here's an excerpt from the book, which is actually a loaded quote from Honore de Balzac (1799-1850):

There are no principles; there are only events. There is no good and bad, there are only circumstances. The superior man espouses events and circumstances in order to guide them. If there were principles and fixed laws, nations would not change them as we change our shirts and a man can not be expected to be wiser than an entire nation.

This book is rated high on most book retailer sites, but the reactions by users/readers are mixed. Some are disgusted by what it is promoting, while others are reveling on their discoveries. I might as well consider this a clash between Jedi and the Dark Jedi in using the Force.

On a lighter note, Eddie Murphy's new movie is coming out soon, entitled A Thousand Words. It has some interesting premises and I've always liked Eddie's brand of comedy.

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