Thursday, March 22, 2012

20 Reasons Why I Dislike the Philippines...The Aftermath

Sorry, I can't disable the autoplay to these two videos. I know it's irritating, but I don't know what html code to put in to make them stop. There's the stop/pause button for you though! =D

There was some truth to what the guy said, but I would've preferred a better way for him to have delivered his point. Some of his criticisms were actually out of context, he was of course looking at a different culture. Three years isn't enough to immerse one's self to the intricacies and nuances of the Filipino lifestyle and culture.

Errr...okay, 21 minutes of this videos is probably torture, if you're rolling your eyes now...let's move on to something a little bit shorter

Or, let's just bounce to the beat, aye?

It's his opinion anyway and him being able to throw it out there just shows how much we value civil liberties and the freedom of insight. If he were staying in North Korea or some other dubious state, I doubt he'd be authorized to say his thoughts or even get out of that country. In any case, the stuff he pointed out are obvious to us Filipinos anyway, so I wasn't bothered at all. We already have citizens who hate themselves and their country as it is. This video was designed to stir an emotional response (ala-trolling) and I really hope we respond positively and make this country better. Filipinos always shout out about "Pinoy pride" when they see Filipino success abroad, gloat about it, and rub it in other nationalities' faces, well this is one challenge that Filipinos should start investing in so that they can really show their so called Pinoy pride.

Interestingly, I applaud the dude's civic vigilance. The effects were immediate! LMAO

I am thankful that Filipinos were raised with the concept of shame (kahihiyan). Filipinos reacting to this just means we were called out to make improvements to our society. This video wasn't complete bashing at all. It hasn't even covered the crimes, kidnappings, terrorism, and scammers plaguing our country. Well, after getting pelted with this supposedly "embarrassing" revelation, what are we going to do about it?

This is the first time I have watched a fully edited video by a foreigner "critiquing" our country (Cebu actually). Most foreigners are told to only praise the Philippines, say good things, give good feedback, and ignore the bad stuff or else face the wrath of the Pinoys who are in self-denial. They might even risk getting the dreaded "persona non grata" penalty that Filipinos love to hand out against offending parties.

I have to admit, as a country and a people bashed and belittled by European colonizers for hundreds of years, I can understand where the sensitivity and inferiority complex stems from. Filipinos remain eager to please and crave the positive feedback. Not bad really, a hospitable people until today, Filipinos are benefiting from this reputation, but I really have to wonder if this was some intended psyche manipulation by the Spanish bosses.

So we arrive to the Aftermath...

Okay, for all the dude's swagger in his first video, this guy is either really good at acting, showing regret, or he was held captive in an abandoned warehouse somewhere. I can only speculate as to how horrible and traumatic it was for him to get his beard shaven by someone's pet monkey...blindfolded! I was referring to the simian being blindfolded. Btw, chimps can rip your face off, it's true, go search it on Youtube!

This dude looked like he had a cannon aimed at his balls. It makes you want to feel sorry for him in this video. Interestingly, looking at the comments sections, Filipinos were mostly agreeing to what the guy said (Keywords for a Google Search: 20 Reasons Why I Dislike the Philippines or just check out It was the truth, nothing overtly malicious, and he took the effort to edit the video for crying out loud! Also, why would the Flip touch the guy's crotch, I mean WTF!? Who does that?!

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