Saturday, March 31, 2012

Steve Nash: Going for the Ring (YOUTUBE OVERLOAD, but please take the time to be entertained!)

Before anything else, let's look at Steve Nash's body of work in the NBA:

As I've mentioned before, if the Suns trainers and nutritionists release a book on how they've kept these old guys, Nash, Grant Hill, Michael Redd, and an injured Amare (before) playing like clock work, then I'm buying 10 copies.

Nash is a member of the 50-40-90 club. A very distinct club for efficient NBA players.

Nash and Bird are the only players who achieved 50–40–90 in multiple seasons; Bird achieved it twice consecutively and Nash achieved it four times in five seasons.[3] Nash narrowly missed achieving 50–40–90 five seasons in a row by shooting at 89.9% from the free throw line in the 2006–07 season. - Wiki

Taking a peek into this dude's mind and his competitive spirit:

Not to mention how blessed he is with his athletic prowess (because they rebuilt him!):

His talent really reminds me of these guys (NO...not because they're white):

The Heat organization hasn't said anything about this "Nash-dangling", to my knowledge at least. I don't think Riley and his staff are thinking that far ahead yet since this Heat roster is supposed to be enough to get the job done.

It is essentially Nash who has expressed his desire for a ring. After all those great years with the Suns (especially the Nash MVP years), the roster has been gutted and I don't think rebuilding next summer will allow Steve to fulfill his championship dreams. When you see an old Grant Hill as your co-star, a Frye and a Dudley acting as support in scoring, and Marcin Gortat getting a double double regularly, you have to be amazed at how Steve Nash makes things so easy for his team.

The East is already tight as it is. If he gets into a mediocre Eastern Conference team or a West team that's rebuilding, then I don't think he'll win anything at the twilight of his career. The only contenders I see in the West are OKC, the Mavs, and the Lakers, maybe the Spurs too. It will be up to Nash if he wants to embrace the hate-fest showered by critics on a daily basis, but in the end nothing beats a ring. No matter how a player is imagining how people will be talking about him in the coming years, it sure as hell beats fading away into oblivion. At least fans will be talking about him, whether in a good or nasHty light; that is the nearest an athlete can get to attaining immortality in his chosen sport.

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