Friday, April 13, 2012

American Idol 11: America Thumbs Down Jessica Sanchez

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I wasn't entirely surprised that Filipinos labeled the situation as racist when Jessica Sanchez was put on the chopping block and the judges had to save her. I cannot prove that this was a sham cooked up by the AI producers to put some drama into the contest or if there was some sort of conspiracy (that the white man keeps on stomping the brown man down, lol). In any case, I'm not an angry brown man, I actually saw it as democracy in action.

Like I've mentioned before, she is performing for the American public. That's why it's called American Idol. This went south fast when I saw how she over-emphasized her roots with her Filipino relatives in San Diego during her short film, just last night. You cannot do this to the American public. They are the ones who decide, they have the power. Over-emphasizing your heritage will only alienate you from the pride drawn from unified diversity in American society. Besides, Filipinos have been known to over-coddle other Filipinos (whether pure or not) and post obnoxious posts on the web. I am Filipino with no apparent foreign surname in my lineage, other than what seems to be "Hispanized", but I have mixed heritage just like other Filipinos who live in the Philippines. There are Filipinos who look like Chinese/Oriental, Pacific Islanders, Caucasians, Hispanic, Malay, Black, etc., but on a physically shallow level the phenomenon where Filipinos like to flaunt how they are "mestizo/mestiza" just to feel unique and good about themselves, does not translate well when practiced in other cultures. Shouting out to the world how skillful we are at this or that is just a lack of humility. This way of thinking does not translate well when the values of diversity and tolerance are held as important. We are just putting ourselves on a throne and crying out how "superior" we are, when in fact it's a proof of our inferiority complex as a nation.

Ibig sabihin, nayayabangan sila sa atin. Gusto ninyo manalo si Jessica, pero tiga-Amerika siya. Ang bibili ng albums at mga kanta niya ay Amerika. Baka naman idownload ninyo lang ng iligal o bumili kayo ng piniratang CD niya. Hindi ito Philippine Idol. Walang karapatan ang mga Pilipino na bigyan kahulugan itong sitwasyong ito bilang pagmamaliit ng ating lahi dahil ang Amerika ay lipunan ng iba't ibang lahi. Ito ay ang pagkakaisa ng mga nagkakaiba. Lalo ninyo lang inilalagay sa alanganin si Bb. Sanchez dahil pinipilit ninyo na siya ay Pilipinang Pilipina na susuportahan ng mga tiga-Pilipinas. Kung totoo nga lang yun at makakabenta siya dito ng milyones na mga CD. Ganoon pa man, ang bibili ng mga CD niya ay mga Amerikano. Doon niya tatakahin ang landas niya at ang kanyang trabaho. Hindi dito, kung saan puro pinirata ang CD, pero okay lang yun hindi ba, dahil mahirap tayong bansa.
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Don't expect Filipinos to change their buying and justification habits on pirated goods any time soon. Interestingly, aren't those foreigners? LMAO

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Maybe the Philippines will become a recognized country under the Playstation Network registration form soon! Yeah right.

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