Saturday, April 14, 2012

PREVIEWS ARE LOOKING SHINY! Early 'Avengers' Reviews Point To Fan And Box-Office Gold

Early 'Avengers' Reviews Point To Fan And Box-Office Gold <- CLICK THIS FOR THE STORY, BUB

It's still good to be skeptical though. I have had this belief that counting your chicks even before the eggs hatch brings about some circumstantial punishment conspired by the Universe.

Looking at how Joss Whedon did justice to EACH member of the Scooby gang in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it's no surprise that hero-overcrowding was never an issue!

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Much respect to the older fans. Their devotion to buy the comic books kept these titles alive for us younger ones. I've been reading since the 90's!

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I always have to shake my head when I hear younger readers talk about their latest downloads of comic book scans, how they plan to download more pirated stuff, and how they know the stories of this and that.  Buying the real deal goes a long way. I hope the younger ones keep the industry alive so that future generations will have heroes to look up to!

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