Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Generation Gaps and Values Without the Corniness

Without lingering too much on cliches, let me just say in passing that most folks would agree that there's a kid in all of us, regardless of age. This has become furthermore highlighted as passions, pastimes, and hobbies cut across generations. Thanks to the media and to the Internet, so many kids are witnessing how adults aren't so cold and dead-pan serious after all. 

Wait a minute, you mean adults can be cool?! During the early days of my (our) childhood, prior to the interconnectivity brought upon by the Internet, we used to have this perception that adulthood was all about work and seriousness. It was a point of no return, wherein buzzkills were bound to pop out just to set things straight, away from anything that would resemble glorious fun. Let's just refer to it as the Peter Pan paradigm.

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Well, in the information age, that distorted perception barrier among generations has been breached. Adults, among themselves, don't have to be so stiff anymore about what they are exhibiting, especially when once thought of deviant (no, not perverted ones) preferences, habits, hobbies, and activities are actually true for so many. Well anyone and everyone has the freedom to hang loose after all.

Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Metallica, The Offspring, Green Day, Linkin Park, Ozzy Osbourne, The Beastie Boys, Ice Cube, Slash, Aerosmith, AC/DC, EWF, Michael Jackson, New Wave Bands, almost all the Hollywood Stars through the decades, and even industry icons like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, etc. etc. These personalities are known by the then-young generations of yester-years and the kids of today. Moreover, fans (regardless of age) acknowledge their fandom whether shown through comments threads, blogs, microblogs, social networking sites, and other channels of communication and expression.

Well, the frequencies vary, but regardless of generation, there's no exception on who goes online to do whatever:

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Every generation will have its taste and preferences, but I think it's fair to say that the information age has brought upon a lot of opportunities for people with varying intentions, whether it is to promote understanding and tolerance or to spread fear and hate.

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The comic book industry offers one medium that also cuts through generations. I don't know if Hollywood is running out of ideas, but the comic book universe gives a lot of interesting topics and genres to choose from. Thanks to CGI, digital effects, and production creativity, the comic book titles that were once impossible to do as live action decades ago are now getting churned out by Hollywood movie studios.

*Image from http://media.comicbookmovie.com/images/users/uploads/20773/robocop_2010_haut23.jpg
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Remember those lines adults used to say regarding the younger generation, how the whole world was going to hell because kids these days have no values? Have you ever heard how the old people would reminisce about the good old days, how kids were during their days, and how rotten the kids of today are?

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It's interesting to note how far society has come especially in the aspects of tolerance, understanding, and the bridging among generations, roles, beliefs, and races. No one has to feel isolated and alone anymore when they go online. There are a lot of insights, opinions, and ideas out there, although alarmingly the ideal benchmarks have also become moving targets. Who holds the license to say what is right when people who post what's out there say whatever they want to say? It's a double-edged sword, indeed. You give the young ones the key to unlimited knowledge, but also expose them to corrupted interpretations and ideas.

When we talk about comic books, I think there are four points to highlight, the hero, the villain, the plot, and the struggle. You can't have a comic book without the protagonist and you can't marvel (no pun intended) at the hero's skills and powers without an antagonist challenging those gifts. There are lessons that are worth passing down to kids without being too corny, you know, like selflessness, heroism, courage, sacrifice, among other values. A simple sit-down lecture or conversation would never effectively reinforce or hammer in these prized ideals to a child. It strips out the sense of adventure and discovery that curious kids possess.

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