Monday, December 10, 2012

Pacquiao vs Marquez 4, Pacman's Loss and the Blame Game

So boxing fans all over recently witnessed how Manny Pacquiao ate Juan Manuel Marquez's knuckle sandwich and subsequently ate the ring mat for desert. I have nothing, but respect for these guys and they've had excellent boxing careers for themselves, respectively. While, it's disappointing that Pacquiao didn't win, Marquez won this fair and square...convincingly I should add. Marquez definitely earned this, I mean at some point drinking your own pee has to pay-off, right?! It's satisfying to see how obnoxiously smug Filipinos posting online comments on Yahoo and other sites are now eating humble pie. It was also pretty awesome to witness how gracious Manny Pacquiao was in defeat.

“First and foremost I would like to thank God for keeping Juan Manuel Márquez and me safe during our fight on Saturday night,” said Pacquiao.

“I want to congratulate Juan Manuel. I have no excuses. It was a good fight and he deserved the victory. I think boxing fans who watched us were winners too."

"He got me good. That's boxing," Pacquiao who admitted he got over confident when he also knocked down Marquez on the fifth. "Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose."

While I am no boxing analyst or even a fan at that, I always thought that Marquez had Pacquiao's number. I've seen alot of Pacman fights (not the video game one) and he has always been the aggressor, always attacking (nonstop) and the Marquez matches always seemed like he (Pacman) had to pay somewhat for being overly committed to attacking. As a counter-puncher, Marquez knew how to punish Pacquiao's style and I don't think Pacquiao ever truly figured out how to beat Marquez, because despite multiple knockdowns in the past (and even in the recent match), Marquez is one tough S.O.B. who can't seem to get knocked out.

Interestingly, days earlier, Pacman had been saying what the game plan was and it was for him to be the aggressor (again), unlike the previous fight wherein he was "boxing" against Marquez and not "pitbully-ing" his way through.

I have to agree that it was a lucky punch with the round ending, but it was one wicked lucky punch. The pace was great and Manny was chipping away on Marquez's defense:

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Anyway, what prompted me to give my insights on the results of the match was actually because of the angry comments of Manny Pacquiao's mom on national television, who was raving mad about how it was because of Manny's choice to leave the Catholic Church and pick another Christian institution, that brought upon his loss in such a shocking fashion.

Now, this doesn't make sense at all in my view, but if his decision had somehow psychologically influenced his neural pathways, which affected his kinesiology, then I might give credence to the belief that the loss had something to do with his choice of following a new religious institution. In other words, he was DISTRACTED and PREOCCUPIED (which for any craft or skill, means there's a lack in focus). In my adamant opinion, this is a poor argument because this is precisely what perpetuates the divisive (and sometimes hateful) tendencies of humanity, that are brought on by religions all over the world (more so for the zealous, faith-obsessed, and would-be "martyrs" of their faith). Not only does it sound absurd and silly, but it seems beyond logic, not unless it has become a mental distraction for Pacquiao and is probably applicable to his decision to become a public servant in the Philippines, as well.

At the very least, he wasn't physically debilitated by the knockout punch (yet).

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