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The Real Super-Matrix?

While I usually only speak of my opinions on matters of perception and the interpretation of what can be deemed as consensus truths, this article has probably got to be THE all-encompassing and condensed QUESTION to seek an answer to: Do we live in a Matrix?

A silly notion to ponder on really, since it is practically a challenge to reality itself. Can an occupant of a closed system fully prove to himself (and also other occupants, more later on this issue) that his reality and all the physical rules and constraints by which his very existence is subjected to is encompassed in a rigged system? Why even posit an assumption? Does it emanate from a need to achieve "true freedom" (as what had been the contentious issue in the Matrix Trilogy)? What is true freedom, anyway? If it's simply a "Matrix" manipulated by a sentient being who is a "non-God", but had somehow managed to enslave and deceive humanity (I'm assuming this is the line of thinking if we're basing the theory from the Movie), what is true freedom from this supposed "manipulator" (who should not be mistaken for the TRUE Higher Being who bestows absolute free will [theologically, i.e. God])? Was this system designed to limit sentient life from becoming god-like in status? How can it be possible that we can all be gods, if from the semantics alone a god should possess exclusivity in its dominion over everything else (there can only be one!)? For the sake of scientific inquiry, I'm ignoring the fact that there is a paradox to the underlying purpose of this theory. If there is a truth that can be uncovered, then by all means the theorists should be given all the rights and faculties to find it; but at the end of that tunnel, is there any true comfort to really finding out or are we simply driven by the human compulsion to find whatever answer there is out there to a given question?

As Cypher had put it:
Ignorance is bliss

While we are on the subject matter, I recommend that people support this unofficial Matrix 4 screenplay, which is about a Supermatrix, a matrix outside the matrix, which is a "reverse Inception" type of mechanism in my opinion. I'm still hoping that I get to see a new Matrix Trilogy before I die:

Moving on, I also mentioned that all occupants must also be convinced with this proof, otherwise, the person who supposedly found the answer would be deemed a crazy occupant who perceives things outside of what is sensible to what the "system" is portraying or projecting to everyone else. That person will probably be committed to an asylum for "not making any sense", so whatever proofs or calculations that cannot merely be comprehended by simple empirical facts and sensory input are beyond those who are unable to keep up with the pace of reasoning that theorists may posit. In other words, if you're a smarty pants, that can only explain things to yourself, while no one else can understand you, then you are so going to burn on the stake.

I've blogged about perceptions and control before, albeit limited to the secular level:

And so, with this theory, it is insinuated that "A System" was built on which humanity is a captive of. In any scale of whatever system, however, exists the question to the purpose by which these were created or discovered/defined (in the case of naturally occurring ones). Should people be looking at the ends or the means of which these systems had been deemed to exist in humanity's perception and people's minds? I think an interesting perspective can be read from one of my previous blog entries (that I just recently gave a title to):

In exploring these ideas, I've come to the conclusion that the Middle Way and to be a moderate is truly the most ideal path to take:

There are probably questions that are beyond humanity's capabilities to answer. From an anthropocentric perspective, it seems man's destiny is to evolve into something greater. For this belief, I do not know if it is simple rhetoric or if there is a literal view that men can become gods, but the answer to this is probably not for anyone at this point to witness. For the billions of years that the Universe has existed, any one human being can only last for a speck's time, a blip in the time stream that no higher sentient being would ever notice at all. So when did you last get the "sad" news that drone ant #529,432,012,454 died when an aardvark decided it was lunch time? In my belief, we can only find meaning from within for ourselves and expectations of fame and glory should be put aside if we consider how trivial our lifetime is when laid over Eternity's length.

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