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Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370: The WHY Conspiracy Theories

Just more than a month ago I posted a blog entry on how intrigued I was with the "crowd-sourced problem-solving" phenomenon that people around the world were collaboratively engaging in via the Internet and traditional media. Certainly, it was a "faith-in-humanity-restored" moment in my eyes, as people all over offered all sorts of input into the investigation and speculation of how everything could have unfolded with the mysterious disappearance of Flight MH370.

Well, it's almost two months now and the blackbox pings that were apparently detected on the Indian Ocean have yet to genuinely reveal their usefulness, and even authenticity, as searchers had begun to use underwater drones to look for wreckage on the ocean floor. It would have really been a fantastic buzzer-beater moment, considering the fact that these pings were detected coincidentally at the supposed end of the battery life of what were powering the black boxes of the plane.

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In any case, the HOWS of this unfortunate incident have undoubtedly been thoroughly explored and speculated on for weeks by the media and by mostly everyone who can pen thoughts on paper or online, with much of the globally-exposed citizens of the world wondering what could have happened; it's more so something that might occasionally cross the minds of frequent flyers when they board a plane.

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While certainly, this update is by no means any more extensive or expansive an addendum to the exploration of what's already obviously Google-able out there, frankly, the goosebumps I got from what I stumbled upon through Youtube urged me to throw the ideas out there further to those who would also stumble upon my blog. Consider them as speculations, conspiracies or unprovable yet genuine facts, they say sometimes, stories can be so strange and farfetched that they might indeed be true.

The REAL Reason Flight 370 Disappeared

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Anonymous - Rothschilds & Malaysian Airlines MH370 Connection

Youtube - Dual Gamma Channel 

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Of course, this blog wasn't and still isn't really meant for conspiracy theories, there are thousands of sites out there that will indulge the curious ones further than what can be fed from my posts, but this field of discussion is merely (albeit unavoidably, in my mind) tangential to my activities in analyzing what is seen or experienced out there in our world.

Perhaps the most appropriate posts that I've already made in previous years can establish the premise, the mindset, and understanding of the context we are subjected to given these conspiracy theories:

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Okay, as a momentary sidetrack, in my quest to look for visual content for this post, I stumbled upon this picture and had to post an awesome movie poster of the Puppet Master (Toulon and his puppets, yeah!) franchise. Very awesome films by Full Moon Features btw, together with Trancers! Yep, there are still old B-Films out there worth watching.

The danger with selective journalism [AND EVEN COVERT OPS EVENTS THAT WELL MEANING JOURNALISTS ARE UNABLE TO EXPLORE AND VERIFY, DUE TO SECRECY AND OPAQUENESS OF FACTS] and the muddling of facts is that the truth is transformed into a half-truth. A half-truth not only sells itself as the absolute truth, but you can never tell which part is the truth and which is fabricated. Half-truths have gradients, which can be pretty hard and messy to sort out. A lie can be held as the absolute truth to everyone who knows it and if it happens that it is found out to be erroneous/false, then it will be dismissed entirely - 1's or 0's, true or false, black or white. 

In the end, the perception is transformed and aligned accordingly to how the orchestrator wants the scenarios and facts to be seen by people. 

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As what Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke once said (by writer Kyle Higgins and editor Rachel Gluckstern of DC Comics), "But the world has changed and there are no longer 'kingdoms' worth serving. Except one. It controls everything. It drives and motivates nearly every person on the planet. In the modern era, it's the greatest 'kingdom' of them all. Money. And in a world controlled by economic currency, where money is so important to so many people, the greatest respect for a what someone is willing to pay him."

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It's a frightening thought to think that there is no authentic freedom in a seemingly well oiled socio-political and economic framework (in my mind, I have characterized the current paradigm as the free-market democratic capitalist regime of price and relevance, and you, the reader, might have something different in mind). While, it is acceptable to think that everyone's life is inextricably subjected to the Churn, the idea that some among us, hamsters, in the hamster wheel system have accumulated so much power, influence, and faculties that these have practically allowed them to live outside the glass terrarium looking in, like gods, is extremely and overwhelmingly frightening indeed, and not even farfetched or ridiculous to not give credence to at all. It is after all the relativity of presence and control of the environment, we may all have swords, but someone out there has the sharpest all to himself.

It seems in the cloak and dagger arena, where almost anyone could be expendable pawns or collateral damage or innocent bystanders who would never know what hit them, merely victims of being at the wrong place at the wrong time, to the grander schemes of those who wield the most power, influence, facilities, faculties, and resources, whether in the formal economy or the shadow world, curiosity could kill the cat, along with other inquisitive animals daring to go further down that deep dark rabbit hole.

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