Friday, July 31, 2015

The Resurrection of the Malaysia Air MH370 Puzzle

Just as most of the world's (especially jet setters') curiosity had waned on solving the puzzle of Malaysia Airlines MH370's disappearance and interjecting numerous conspiracy theories in the process, newly found airplane debris have provided new hope to figuring out what truly happened to this Boeing 777's fate. More so is this important for the surviving families who have lived in despair thinking how a modern commercial airplane could just disappear despite the ubiquity of GPS trackers and geolocation devices that even dog collars like this possess these days!

Perhaps cutting corners on operational expenses is reflective of poor managerial foresight in industries most often pressured by shareholders for more investor value, and not merely for the airline industry.

I think given the recent events, it would be a perfect time to put into perspective the circumstances prior to this point. CNN Aviation Analyst Jim Wise currently has a bestselling book, under commercial aviation, about it


As reported on CNN, the barnacles on the part of the wing may give leads for forensics teams to work on in order to locate the rest of the plane.

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While these pieces have yet to be verified by authorities, given the context of where the debris were found and what the pieces seem to be from immediate visual inspection, it is a relief that we can give tangible form once more to what has previously been an unsolved mystery. So much for conspiracy theories, covert operations, pseudo-science and aliens then!


Given that the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) economic integration is on its way to regional integration (Yes, so many more Asian oriental flavors to experience outside of China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan!), I would like to fly without the worry of a new Bermuda Triangle or Dragon's Triangle (Devil's Sea) in my backyard, thank you very much!

But not for any conspiracy lovers to fret on, I did manage to scour something about Ancient Aliens again, that might give a fresher perspective on the origins of humanity's civilization. Of course, I reiterate that this blog isn't meant to cater to conspiracy theories, but merely to appreciate perspectives and perception:


So why were the debris found somewhere already near Madagascar, where Reunion Island is?
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Apparently, there's a whirlpool of currents that goes around the Indian Ocean (most flowing bodies of water to) and the records of how these currents behave and interact will allow investigators to track down (hopefully) the whereabouts of the main hull of the plane, given all known variables. A site like gives readers a glimpse of how ocean currents behave.

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(That is one big washing machine!)

And from what started out as the end-game search off the coast of Western Australia has authorities scrambling to another part of the globe off Africa!

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Will it remain a tragic mystery riddled by conspiracy theories and whatnot or will there be closure to finally? There's more to look forward to in the coming months.

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