Thursday, November 12, 2015

Game Chasers Season 3 on Indiegogo

Just in time, as so many things have preoccupied me of late! They're back, the Game Chasers crew are developing a new DVD edition (standard and collector's edition sets)!

This is a documentation of hobbyist activities, done with style. While we all have our hobbies to preoccupy ourselves with (at home or outside) and captivate our imaginations during idle time, day dreaming moments or just to carry us through the mind numbing routines of the day at work, there's something about taking things to a whole new level that's so admirable, and enviable too, for people who take risks with their hobbies.

Here were their first two editions

As for hobbyist updates, Call of Duty Black Ops 3 just got released. I personally haven't been a fan of this franchise after MW2 and after getting back in touch with my Battlefield roots, but this is the most highlighted release as of late.

Meanwhile, a little known game called Fallout 4 just got released. I recently sold my Fallout 4 Pipboy edition preorder just because it was for the PC. While I'm a heavy advocate of PC gaming, it's only for FPS. I put Fallout in the Real Time Strategy-slash-turn based RPG category and so really wanted to get my hands on a PS4 Pipboy set.


And if you've also been disconnected from the world, The Force Awakens is coming and before that Battlefront 3, which somehow is closer to home since it was developed by DICE, the guys who developed the last 3 installments of the Battlefield franchise.

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