Monday, November 23, 2015

The Nintendo Pre-Order Panic

For some fans, the Nintendo Direct announcements only meant loads of disappointment, as the itchy fingers of scalpers clicked away on pre-orders listed on most retail websites, leaving out some without anything at all. If you're one of the unlucky ones, fret not, Christmas can still be magical! There's still a chance to avoid paying the exorbitant prices asked by these scalpers for your copies of Megaman Legacy Collector's Edition, Twilight Princess HD CE, and Fire Emblem Fates Special Edition 3DS.

Apparently, Play-Asia has secured allocations for its members. 


Before ending this post, it seems like some people have been scouring the web for the new TAC4 by HORI to play first person shooters (FPS) on the Playstation Network with their friends. Unfortunately, Amazon isn't carrying it yet and the eBay listings are still on the pricey side. The only way to retain PC FPS gaming skills on console (with the keyboard and mouse) for Battlefront, Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty is to use peripherals like the TAC for the PS4.

Buuuut...if you're really insistent on buying Stateside through the familiar Big 3, i.e. Amazon, BestBuy and Gamestop, especially when Black Friday's just around the corner and Cyber Monday too, Nowinstock is a brilliant website to use in monitoring pre-order inventories online.

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