Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Playstation VR is Out!

Updates: It seems Amazon isn't about to leave latecomers disappointed. A tweet just came out giving people another chance at preordering.



So I'm currently an Amazon Prime subscriber. I felt like regardless of me getting the notice ahead of everyone else outside the Amazon mailing list or not, my chances of getting one was still fifty fifty. Well, I guess it's my lucky day! I got to pre-order one! Regardless of its impact or its ultimate fate as a console peripheral, this in itself is a collector's item in box for being the first model for the PS4. It's like a quickdraw showdown at this point for preorders. So I'm spreading the word for the true Playstation fans out there!


Watch out for the tax charge, it's worth $47.50!

Dubbed Project Morpheus, Sony Interactive Entertainment (formerly Sony Computer Entertainment: http://kotaku.com/say-hello-to-sony-interactive-entertainment-1755125606) decided to do away with this vague codename and placed their Virtual Reality hardware in line with how other competitors have named their respective VR Projects.

If you didn't make it in time to place your pre-order, here are other sites to monitor for now:

According to PS Blog btw, the one being sold today is the VR Launch Bundle, you still have a chance to buy the VR core set on the 29th (March 2016) next week!


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