Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Net Neutrality Day

As I've already given a piece of my mind many many years ago on efforts to "regulate" or exercise some degree of dominion-based control over the Internet with the SOPA and PIPA agenda:

It's long been predicted that it would eventually come down to ISP-based discretion and control with regard to packet traffic. It's like putting toll gates on "private" roads. July 12, 2017 marks the day for anyone who has some grain of understanding of the fundamentals and principles at stake to take a stand and air his or her support for net neutrality.

Here's a primer on what Net Neutrality is:

So what can be done? The decision is really out of most people's hands as those in power technically have so many ways to make excuses for their all-encompassing edict on this matter.

The best way is to put it out there. To air the sentiment and maybe influence or inspire people to take a stand. These gestures might as well be trivial, but let it be said that we didn't take this sitting down doing nothing.

Say something, put it on:

It's given me the world and has expanded my consciousness to concepts and ideas that would otherwise be inexistent. The Internet is the greatest democratizing tool that propagates education and awareness to humanity, more so as it pushes American liberal democracy that is meant to stomp out ignorance and opaque multi-partisan philosophies and beliefs that merely divide humanity instead of establishing a realistic spectrum of idealist polarities that people can work their differences with.
Our socio-political perspective from left-wing to right-wing requires structure and it is through a medium like the Internet that people are enabled to work and "argue" within a framework and not outside of it, which typically involves anarchist tendencies to tear everything down and prefer chaos over logical form.

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